If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact our Pittsburgh work injury lawyers to schedule a free consultation. Our Pittsburgh work injury lawyers at SMT will fight for your interests and ensure you get the medical treatment and financial compensation you need for your physical injuries, lost wages, future lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other damages.

Understanding Your Rights After a Workplace Injury in Pennsylvania

When you suffer a work-related injury, your first concern is getting the right medical treatment as quickly as possible. After you are beginning to heal, you can focus on how you will pay for the medical bills that begin piling up. Filing for workers’ compensation benefits is usually your first option, but you and your family may find that jumping through the hoops that go with filing a claim adds to your frustration and worry.

If I Get Injured at Work, Do I Get Paid? What You Should Know.Injured workers in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania have rights. After an injury, workers should have confidence that their work-related injury will not lead to unpaid debts for medical care or other expenses. At SMT Legal, our experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers can discuss your challenges with securing compensation and push back when a responsible party and/or an insurance company want to limit or deny your workers’ comp claim.

Additionally, you may need to file a third-party claim or personal injury claim. Proving who was at fault for your work injury can be challenging, but injured workers have legal rights that must be protected. Our Pittsburgh workers’ compensation lawyers understand the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation process and have the legal experience, legal team, and resources to guide you through either a worker’s compensation claim or the personal injury claim process.

If your loved one suffered a wrongful death at work, you need top-quality legal advice from a law firm that has many years of experience successfully handling these kinds of cases.

Your Rights Under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

If you were injured on the job, you may have the option of filing a claim against your employer’s insurance company. Because these worker’s compensation claims can be so complicated, having an experienced and aggressive worker’s compensation attorneys on your side may help you to collect the most in personal injury damages. Without skilled legal representation, you have no one to fight for your best interests.

We can help you understand your rights to collect the full workers’ compensation payments you deserve. We can also help answer your questions if you have been denied by the workers’ compensation insurance company, if you have lost or are in danger of losing your workers’ compensation benefits or if you are interested in receiving a lump sum settlement for your workers’ compensation.

Common Types of Accidents at Work

Work Injury Lawyers

While you can get hurt in any workplace, the manufacturing, construction, and industrial job sites are where workers most frequently experience severe accidents. Some of the most common injuries and causes of death we see include:

Injuries From Worksite Falls

Falls from bridges, roofs, scaffolding, poles, ladders, buildings, and other types of worksite slips, trips, and falls can cause serious or fatal injuries. Workers can slip on spilled liquids, be knocked off a structure by equipment or someone’s careless actions, or faint from heat exhaustion.

Explosions And Industrial Fire Injuries

If you or your loved one was injured or killed due to a gas explosion, chemical explosion, or industrial fire, your family will face significant medical and/or funeral expenses. Recovery from these industrial injuries can take many months to years, especially if they require expensive skin grafting surgeries.

Toxic Chemicals and Toxic Exposure

According to the National Safety Council, exposure to harmful substances or environments (including electricity) is the number one cause of workplace injuries and deaths. The effects of exposure to toxic chemicals can take years to appear, meaning you are getting sicker every day you spend working in those environments. You still deserve compensation for your conditions, even if your exposure was years ago.

Marcellus Shale Injuries & Gas Drilling Accidents

Fracking injuries have unfortunately become more common as Marcellus Shale drilling and natural gas fracking activities continue to expand. Workers can be hurt during the exploration and retrieval phases and in related jobs, such as driving or working around large construction trucks. The stress and exhaustion employees experience on the job can lead to mistakes that cause gas explosions and other calamities.

Injuries From Heavy Machinery Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous places to work. Often, employers or employees are negligent and do not always take safety precautions. When they make careless mistakes while working with or repairing heavy machinery, lives can be changed or lost. Following safety protocols and using recommended protective gear is a must to avoid severe injury or death.

Other Common Work Injury Causes

Our work injury attorneys can also provide legal help for any of the following types of work accidents:

  • car accidents, truck accidents and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Factory injuries and accidents
  • Healthcare facility injuries
  • Powerplant or steel mill accidents
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Electrocutions
  • Coal mining accidents
  • Wrongful death accidents

Electrocution, being crushed, being struck by objects, and falling are called the “Fatal Four” accidents, and they can occur at nearly any workplace. They can also leave you with catastrophic injuries, facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Your work injury lawyers at SMT Legal will fight to ensure all your bills, including future treatment estimates, are included in your claim or lawsuit demands.

Filing a Third-Party Lawsuit for a Workplace Accidents in Pittsburgh

industrial accident lawsuitMany times, injured workers cannot collect financial compensation from their employers in the event of an occupational accident because the company does not carry insurance to cover its workers. If the company does not carry insurance to cover its workers, injured workers can file a personal injury lawsuit directly against their employer, and/or a third-party lawsuit against any responsible party. This allows them to seek full compensation for every penny of their losses.

Third-party lawsuits can be brought against the person or entity responsible for the workplace accident. Suppose the on-site equipment used by construction or extraction companies is owned by a third party. In that case, the other entity is responsible for any accident caused by malfunctions in their machines, making them liable for your injuries. They can be held accountable through a third-party lawsuit.

You and your work injury lawyer will need to demonstrate negligence on the part of the third party. This means you will need to gather evidence showing why the defendant is responsible for your injuries. The four elements of negligence you must prove are:

  1. The third party owed you a duty of care.
  2. They failed to uphold that duty through action or inaction.
  3. You suffered injuries as a direct result of their failure in their duty.
  4. You incurred expenses related to your injuries that must be repaid.

In addition to equipment vendors and repair companies, you could be hurt by vendors, visitors, truck drivers, security companies, or other individuals who behave without regard for your safety.

SMT Legal also process third party claims if another party besides the employer was responsible for the accident (an equipment manufacturer or another company working at the same construction site, for example.)

This can enable you to recover all the damages you are entitled to receive, including reimbursement for your pain and suffering. If you become disabled because of your injury and are unable to perform your job duties for an extended period of time, we can help you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Serious injuries can lead to a lifetime of pain and disability, preventing you from returning to your former career or pursuing other employment. SMT Legal knows accident victims deserve total compensation for the losses suffered as a result of workplace accidents. We put our years of experience to work on your insurance claim and/or third-party lawsuit, building the strongest case possible and negotiating powerfully for your needs.

Wrongful Death at Work

When the worst happens, and your loved one is taken from you as the result of a work-related injury, you are likely devastated. Not only has the accident stolen your family member, but your family now faces an uncertain and frightening future without their income. At SMT Legal, we know that no amount of money can ever replace that person in your life, but it can ease your burden and make your future without them more comfortable.

If your loved one suffered injuries before passing away, you will need help paying for the medical costs they incurred as well as their funeral and burial costs. Your own grief and suffering must be compensated, as well as the loss of inheritance for your children and other loved ones. There are many other damages you might be able to claim, including but not limited to:

  • Loss of intimacy with your spouse or partner
  • Loss of health insurance from the employer
  • Loss of care and guidance from a parent
  • Loss of household income
  • Loss of potential retirement funds or pensions because your loved one will not reach full investiture

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Whether you pursue an insurance claim or file a lawsuit, you need skilled legal representation to manage the legal burdens for you. Our Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys will we keep you updated but manage the paperwork and legal actions for you so that you can grieve in peace. We fight hard to get every bit of reimbursement you deserve for this tremendous damage done to your family and their future. We do not allow big companies to get away with stealing your loved one from you, and will hold them accountable for their negligent actions. If they are guilty of criminal actions, they may go to prison or pay fines, which does nothing to help you. SMT Legal will assist you with your civil trial to ensure all responsible parties provide the compensation your family requires.

We have a team of lawyers, investigators, and field experts who work together to build a strong case for our clients. We are successful because our law firm has experience of working on both sides of personal injury cases for plaintiffs and defendants. This has given us an advantage in representing our clients against the insurance companies and third parties involved in these claims and lawsuits.

Our goal is to help you get the best possible outcome and maximum compensation so that we can make a positive difference in your life. Our attorneys understand personal injury law and can determine the best next steps after a free case evaluation. To discuss your legal options and next steps with an experienced Pittsburgh work injury lawyers, schedule a free consultation today.

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