Workplace Accidents

Employees spend many waking hours providing a service for a business or industry, expecting that their safety is an employer’s priority. However, far too many workers are at risk of

Being hurt in a work-related injury means you could lose income while you recover. However, Pennsylvania allows various ways for employees to seek benefits and compensation to help them pay

We work for income and, hopefully, health insurance. We do our best to stay healthy and in good “working condition” so we can support ourselves and our households by earning

Despite advancements in workplace safety protocols, industrial accidents continue to affect the lives of countless injured workers every year. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were

Our client was injured while working on a construction site, sustaining severe physical and psychological injuries. Pennsylvania recovery against several target defendants.

Industrial worker injured in a fall resulting in broken bones, fractured skull, permanent head injuries. Pennsylvania recovery against multiple defendants.

Pennsylvania Recovery Against Multiple Insurance Carriers Our client, a Police officer was injured while working in the line of duty. We successfully recovered the full amount of policy coverage available

Our client was a mechanic injured on the job, sustaining several lower body injuries that required surgery. Pennsylvania recovery against defendant’s insurance carrier.

Our client was an industrial worker hurt on the job. His employer disputed his Workman’s Compensation claim for injuries. We prevailed and settled with his employer’s carrier. Pennsylvania recovery against

Our client was a laborer hurt on the job. We settled her claim with her employer’s carrier. Pennsylvania recovery against employer’s Workman’s Compensation carrier.