Is it Illegal to Run a Yellow Light in Pittsburgh?

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A yellow light is an indicator of a change in traffic flow. Intersection accidents are common in Pittsburgh. However, running a yellow light does not always indicate actions of negligence.

Damages from a yellow light accident in Pittsburgh can be costly, and they may exceed your personal insurance policy coverage. Speak with a car accident lawyer at SMT Legal to unravel the details of a yellow light accident and determine if a personal injury claim will cover your damages.

Yellow Light Laws in Pittsburgh

According to Pennsylvania law, a steady yellow indication light warns traffic facing the signal that the green light permitting traffic to proceed is ending. What does this mean for drivers? The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) information on traffic signals goes into further detail.

Drivers approaching an intersection and encountering a yellow light should slow down and prepare to stop. If a driver is within the intersection and the light turns yellow or if a driver cannot safely slow down, then the driver should continue carefully through the yellow light. Yellow light laws differ throughout the U.S.

Left Turn Crashes at Yellow Lights in Pittsburgh

Yellow light accidents in Pittsburgh become more complex when an accident involves a car turning across the path of oncoming traffic. Drivers turning left should watch for and yield to oncoming traffic at a yellow light because laws do not prohibit oncoming cars from safely proceeding through a yellow light when they cannot stop. However, oncoming cars that can slow down and safely stop at a yellow light should do so to allow a vehicle in an intersection to turn left.

Pennsylvania is a choice no-fault state for car accidents and requires injured drivers to seek compensation for medical coverage and lost wages through personal insurance policies. Drivers can file a claim for damages against an at-fault party when they suffer serious injuries exceeding their policy limits. Filing a claim for compensation against the at-fault driver will also depend on the type of insurance coverage the injured driver has purchased.

It is up to each driver to determine whether they will be held to a no-fault system. Working with a Pittsburgh car accident lawyer is critical to determining your rights to compensation for both injuries and property damage after a left turn accident in Pennsylvania.

Rear-end Crashes at Yellow Lights in Pittsburgh

rear end crash rear end crash - SMT LegalBeing rear-ended at a yellow light in Pittsburgh may be an indication of several actions:

  • The driver was distracted.
  • The driver was speeding.
  • The driver did not maintain a safe distance.

Other factors may also impact a rear-end accident, such as bad weather limiting visibility, whether the leading car’s brake lights worked appropriately, or whether a series of events resulted in a chain collision. More details about rear-end collisions can be found in the Pennsylvania statutes.

Traffic Collisions at Flashing Yellow Lights and Flashing Yellow Arrows in Pittsburgh

The PennDOT website also states that traffic approaching a flashing yellow traffic light should slow down and look before proceeding with care. Drivers encountering a flashing yellow arrow should yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before turning.

Drivers turning at a flashing yellow light are not protected against liability. Oncoming traffic has the green light to proceed.

Why Work with a Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyer Following a Yellow Light Accident

car accident lawyer car accident lawyer - SMT LegalA Pittsburgh car accident lawyer can provide critical assistance in discovering the facts of a yellow light accident to prove negligence on the part of the other driver. With this proof, a car accident lawyer with SMT Legal will advocate for your compensation. We may take the following actions on your behalf to protect you from the costly damages in a yellow light accident:

  • Subpoena traffic camera and / or surveillance video footage
  • Subpoena a car’s black box data when it is available
  • Interview witnesses to the accident
  • Strive to ensure fault is appropriately assigned in an accident
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • Fight for you in court when a fair settlement is unattainable

The events of a yellow light accident are rarely straightforward. It will be up to the injured driver to prove another driver’s actions were negligent, resulting in their injuries. Insurance companies must pay compensation to the injured party if their policyholder is found negligent. Working with a car accident attorney in Pittsburgh to discover the facts of a collision may better protect your claim.

Consider Safety First Before Running a Yellow Light

Drivers in Pennsylvania are involved in more fixed object crashes than any other type of accident, according to Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics (Pg.9). The second most frequent type of accident is angle accidents, such as those occurring at intersections. Rear-end accidents are the third most frequently occurring crash type in Pennsylvania, potentially occurring when a driver fails to use caution at a yellow light.

Increasing a vehicle’s speed to run a yellow light may demonstrate a driver is operating a vehicle negligently. Speeding to get through a yellow light before it turns red can result in negligence when an accident occurs. A Pittsburgh car accident attorney will research whether speed while running a yellow light led to your injuries.

Pedestrians and cyclists in Pittsburgh are particularly vulnerable in intersections and to drivers who run yellow lights. Pennsylvania law describes how cyclists and pedestrians can be found at fault in an accident. SMT Legal offers experienced legal guidance to injured pedestrians and cyclists in Pittsburgh.

Were You Injured in a Pittsburgh Yellow Light Accident?

Pennsylvania accident laws applying to yellow light crashes are complex. Negligence must be proven to seek compensation for your injuries when a driver runs a yellow light, causing an accident. Let SMT Legal do the hard work for you.

Act now to minimize the risk of losing critical documentation in a yellow light accident. Camera and surveillance footage are retained briefly, and waiting too long to work with a skilled attorney could result in losing this critical evidence. Schedule a free consultation to discover your potential compensation rights in a Pittsburgh car accident.