5 Car Crash Caused By Speeding


Driving is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. Yet, every morning we get into our vehicles without truly appreciating that the car you are driving a vehicle that not only weighs a lot but is subject to the laws of physics. Your car takes time to slow down, needs time to make turns, and should not be used recklessly. Speeding or driving recklessly can have serious consequences, even death.

Every day we hear people honk their horns to “yell” at other drivers. We also see cars lay on the gas to pass others or drive faster to make sure no one gets in front of them. People during rush hour are not willing to let people in which causes people to get angry. These feelings are then let out onto the road. People aren’t just driving defensively, they are driving offensively. Imagine being a driver who is following the rules and being calm driving next to someone who is driving with anger alongside someone who is distracted driving. That is a recipe for an accident to happen; it is the only time.

Recent data shows that reckless driving encompasses distracted driving, fatigued driving, drunk driving, unbelted driving, and speeding-related deaths. These actions cause the most accidents linked to reckless driving. Unfortunately, drunk driving and speeding have increased nationally between 1% and 4% since 2016. It has already been noted that every day almost one person dies due to drunk driving. These statistics are challenging to hear and should make you reconsider how you are driving when you get into your vehicle.

Reckless Driving Causes Deaths

We are only 5 days into February and already this one death. Around 11 pm two cars were speeding side by side across the West End Bridge. One car lost control and hit each other and then three other cars. The accident was so tragic that officials kept the bridge closed until Wednesday morning. One driver died instantly while the other was taken to the hospital in critical condition. There was no comment on the other drivers. All this could have been avoided had the two cars not been speeding and driving recklessly.

Distracted driving accounted for around 15,000 crashes and 58 deaths in Pennsylvania last year. Speed-related crashes were double distracted driving and around 441 deaths. These statistics are horrifying. The injuries that come from such incidences range from temporary to permanent injuries.

What To Do After a Car Accident

If you or someone you love was hurt in a single or multiple car accident then you need a strong car accident lawyers by your side to ensure that you will get the fair compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained. At SMT Legal our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers have the resources and education to give you the best representation in court. Whether you were affected by a drunk driver, distracted driver, or a speed racer, they deserve to be held accountable and you deserve to be taken care of.

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