How Long Do You Have To Report A Car Accident in PA?

Car Accidents with Injuries

Under Pennsylvania Law, if you have been involved in a serious accident in which anyone was injured, you must report it to the police immediately. Dealing with injuries is the most important thing that needs to happen and you should consider going to the hospital after the car accident, even if you feel fine. If you are confused in the aftermath of the wreck, follow this guide on what to do after a car accident.

Car Accidents Without Injuries

In car accidents with no injuries, you must report the accident to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation within five days of the accident. You will need to use this accident report. Failing to make this report could result in a suspended driver’s license.

Information Required in the Car Accident Report

When submitting a report for a car accident in Pennsylvania, it’s crucial to include specific information to ensure the report is both comprehensive and accurate. This information aids in the proper processing of your report and assists all parties involved in dealing with the aftermath of the accident effectively. Let’s delve into the key information that needs to be incorporated in the car accident report. Important information you should obtain at the time of the crash, include the following for each party:

  1. Name, address, and phone number
  2. Driver’s license number
  3. Insurance policy company and number
  4. Name and contact info for all passengers of other parties involved

You should also be sure to get the following information about each vehicle:

  1. Make and model
  2. License plate number
  3. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  4. Description of the damage

If you have a camera (or a phone with a camera), ensure you take photos of everything at the scene. This could be vital information for insurance companies or in a lawsuit.

Benefits of Filing a Report

You are protecting yourself by filling out an accident report, especially if one or more parties involved decides to file a car accident claim. All too often, everyone at the scene seems friendly and easy-going, then later someone decides to exaggerate damages to their vehicle or make an injury claim. At SMT Legal, our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers are ready to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.