What If I Don’t Pay My Red Light Camera Ticket In PA?

Red Light Camera Ticket In PA

The last thing you want to see when you check your mailbox is a ticket from your local municipality for a red light camera ticket. Why would you get a ticket in the mailbox for this? What happens if you don’t pay your red light camera ticket in PA?

Several municipalities across the commonwealth have installed cameras at their intersections. Their purpose is to snap photos of vehicles that run red lights. Today, SMT Legal wants to discuss these red-light cameras with you as well as the penalties.

What Are the Penalties for Running a Red Light?

Running a red light is a serious offense. If a police officer catches you and pulls you over for running a red light, you could face massive fines and points on your license. This could lead to a license suspension and higher insurance premiums for you.

If you run a red light (intentionally or unintentionally) in Pennsylvania and do not get pulled over, you may think you are lucky. That is until you get a ticket in the mail.

Pennsylvania law allows each individual municipality (with over 20,000 residents) to install red-light cameras to capture photos of vehicles that run red lights. Most major cities in Pennsylvania have them. If you run a red light, you could face a $100 fine, delivered for your convenience to your mailbox. Luckily, there are no points lost on your license for a red light camera ticket, and your insurance company will not find out.

First and foremost, you should never run a red light. This type of behavior often leads to serious injuries and even fatalities. Second, you should consider paying the fine or disputing it within the 30 days you are allowed to do so.

Paying Your Red Light Camera Ticket (or Not)

If you choose not to pay your red light camera ticket in PA, you could be facing a world of financial hurt. Like any parking ticket that goes unpaid, it will come back to bite you if ignored. An unpaid red light camera ticket will get sent to collections and will accumulate late fees. This could, and will likely, show up on your credit report. A negative report against your credit can affect your ability to secure favorable mortgage rates or auto loans.

  • Leaving a red light camera ticket unpaid or undisputed is not worth it in the long run.

Getting out of a red light camera ticket is possible, but you will have to establish that you were not the one driving the vehicle at the time it ran the red light. This could be difficult to do, but you should consider disputing the ticket if you were not driving.

If you have any questions regarding traffic laws or need a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer, SMT Legal is ready to help. Contact us for more information.

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