Top 5 Common ATV Accident Injuries

ATV Accident Injuries

In Pittsburgh people forget the wide and open land of Western Pennsylvania. When you feel like the city is just too much, go to the woods. Blue skies and hilly terrain invite people to enjoy the outdoors. The best way to enjoy the outdoors is by driving or riding on an All Terrain Vehicle, ATV. Also known as four wheelers, quads, three wheeler, or snowmobiles, ATVs allow people to explore open terrain with freedom and speed. Utility Terrain Vehicles, are similar to ATVs, but they are geared more toward work than play.  As fun as the toys are to roam the open land, they can be very dangerous. Our Pittsburgh ATV attorneys at SMT Legal have seen clients severely injured from ATV accidents. These accidents can ruin the lives of victims, changing their lives forever.

ATVs are very easy to ride. They don’t require much balance and the driving is very intuitive. However, these machines do not have safety features such as seat belts or roll cages—unlike the UTVs that do have some safety features.  As much fun and easy it starts the ATV, you can quickly find yourself toppled over or flung off your ride. Not to mention, you can crash into others. Here are the top 5 injuries drivers and riders typically sustain:

  1. Concussions: Even though it is important to wear helmets, not everyone does. If you fall off your ATV then you are going to fall onto the unforgiving ground. If you land on your head then you have the potential to experience a major concussion which can lead to brain swelling which could result in death or long term brain damage.
  2. Spinal cord injuries: Because falling off or getting crushed is a real danger, spinal cord injuries could result in temporary paralysis or permanent paralysis. Novice drivers often make the mistake of traversing over ridges and hills without proper training or handling of the vehicle
  3. Knees and legs: When driving or riding an ATV you straddle the vehicle. If you were to lose control and topple over, the ATV may land on your knee or leg. This can lead to broken bones, at best. At worst, amputation.
  4. Broken bones: Very common with ATV accidents. If you fall off the ATV and it is still in motion, you can be crushed by the vehicle resulting in broken ribs, neck, or back.
  5. Internal bleeding: This is a silent killer as sometimes it is hard to tell. But, if you have an ATV falling on top of you there is a likelihood that the handle or some other part of that ATV could have severely hit an internal organ.

Like any recreational vehicle, everything is safer when driven responsibly. However, not everyone is like you. If you or someone you love is suffering from an ATV  accident due to a negligent driver, malfunctioning equipment, or work-related injury then our Pittsburgh ATV Accident Attorneys are here for you. Call 412-765-3345 or click here to schedule a free case evaluation with our professional attorneys at SMT Legal in Pittsburgh today.

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