If you work in a factory you know that many of the jobs in the industry are some of the most dangerous in the country. They are often strenuous, repetitive jobs that deal with machinery and heavy loads. While most factories are forced to follow strict guidelines to protect their employees, accidents still occur on the job regularly.

Factory Injuries

Injuries in factory work accidents are often severe and can cause life-altering consequences. It is important that you are adequately compensated for those injuries and able to carry on with your life.

It is not possible to sue your employer for a work-related injury. However, you may be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim.

You may also be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the contractor, maintenance company, operator of the machine, or the equipment manufacturer in the form of a third party liability claim.

Common Factory Accidents in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s economy is known for leaning heavily in the direction of industry and factories. Therefore, Pittsburghers are very familiar with the dangers associated with such jobs. Factories are often filled with large equipment and machinery where any number of things could go wrong. Factory workers are routinely injured doing tasks and using equipment that is necessary to perform their job such as: heavy lifting, forklift accidents, conveyor belt accidents and loading dock accidents.

Some common factory work injuries include:

Our Pittsburgh work injury attorneys understand how frustrating and painful it is to be in a workplace accident. A tremendous amount of stress is put on you and your family when trying to navigate insurance companies and workers compensation claims on top of paying medical bills and time for lost work, not to mention future paychecks.

Pittsburgh Factory Injury Attorneys

Factory work injuries can often be severe and debilitating. They can require weeks, months or more to recover. However, in order to be compensated fairly for your injuries, you must be able to prove a causal relationship between your injuries and a particular incident, or the repetitive nature of your job. This is not an easy task. Having an aggressive and compassionate attorney on your side can help.

For any injuries sustained at work, you must document your injuries and file a claim in order to receive workers’ compensation. Often, this paperwork is filled out improperly and the claims are denied – leaving the injured party with nothing. A work injury attorney can increase your chances of having the claim accepted and guide you through the process.

In addition, a third party may have been negligent, contributing to your injuries. They should be held accountable. You will need the help of an experienced work injury attorney to investigate and file your personal injury third-party claim. This is a complex area of law requiring knowledge and expertise.

Perhaps your injury is such that you cannot return to work. You may also be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Being advised by attorneys who have handled thousands of cases like yours can give you some relief – and confidence that you will be justly compensated.

We are here to make a positive difference in your life by answering your questions and helping you pursue a full and just compensation for your injuries. Don’t wait until the medical bills are pouring in before calling an accident attorney — all consultations are free and we don’t collect any fees unless we win your case. The longer a victim waits to call an attorney, the more difficult it may be to collect evidence and build a strong and winnable case. Contact SMT Legal to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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