When you need to make a purchase, whether it is for something you want to eat or something you will use, do you consider all the risks associated with the product?

We know that most people usually do not consider everything that could go wrong with what they use and consume. Most people do not have time to read all the labels and warnings. For our medications, we usually just trust the dosages on the side of the bottle.

Unfortunately, sometimes the items we buy are defective and cause us or our loved ones harm. Do you know where to turn if this happens to you?

If you need a Washington County product liability attorney, you can turn to the SMT Legal for help. We will be by your side, working to get the compensation you need.

How This Happens

Have you ever looked at the government website that tracks all current recalls? You may be surprised to learn that there are thousands of products on the market and in people’s houses that can cause them harm. The problem goes beyond the high-profile cases we see being recalled on the nightly news.

A quick look at the website shows us cases of cosmetics containing lead, foods containing unlabeled allergens, medications with the wrong dosages, and car parts that catch fire.

How do we know the items in our house are safe? We use thousands of products each day.

How do these cases arise? Usually in one of three ways.

  • There was a design flaw that makes the product dangerous to consumers. Often, these design flaws are not realized until millions of units are already in the hands of consumers.
  • Something went wrong in the manufacturing process that alters the product from the original design, making it dangerous to the consumer. This may not affect as many products as an entire line design flaw.
  • Labeling errors can happen in many ways and often include a company not listing all of the possible hazards associated with their products (choking hazards, burn hazards, medication side effects, allergens, etc.). This can also include incorrect dosage labeling on medications.

If you are unsure of whether or not you have a product liability case, it is always wise to seek out a qualified attorney.

What Are Your Options

We know that you may not know where to turn if you or a loved one have been injured or gotten ill because of a product you purchased. At the SMT Legal, we want to offer our help. We will work to investigate your case and get you the compensation you deserve. We will make sure that your medical expenses are covered, but we will not stop there. We also want to make sure you recover any lost income as well as pain and suffering damages.

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