Gang Violence Steals The Scene In Steel City

Gang Violence

While criminal activity is most often discussed in a macro manner, its impact can be catastrophic to those falsely accused of such crimes. SMT Legal is a Pittsburgh-based law firm that is dedicated to defending those wrongfully convicted of illegal activity. Federal law-enforcement agencies have proven that gang violence has been a long-standing problem in eastern Pennsylvania. Following the recent gang-related reports in the city as communicated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Pittsburgh criminal defense attorneys are needed more than ever.

Hazelwood Mob Taken Down; Feds Set Their Sights On Other Gangs

Following a four-month-long wiretap investigation concerning violence and drug trafficking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 25 state residents have been charged with various criminal charges. Trafficking of narcotics and firearm violations was chief among them, summoning the need for a federal grand jury. The case is being handled under the legal jurisdiction of the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The two indictments were linked to the historically steel-dominated neighborhood of Hazelwood. The collection of accused individuals are being referred to as “The Hazelwood Mob”. According to the FBI Special Agent in Charge, Mike Nordwall, the mob has terrorized the neighborhood for years, leading to an increase in criminal activity in the area.

Also known as the “Down Low Gang”, the group was charged with distribution-related charges of fentanyl, crack cocaine, heroin, and fluorofentanyl over the last couple of years. Numerous members also received charges for possession of firearm-related materials after previously being convicted of criminal activity resulting in sentences of more than a year, an act that is illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Special Agent Nordwall added that this investigation was part of the FBI Safe Streets program. This program was a nationwide initiative, created to rid American neighborhoods of violent street gangs and gang violence.

McFadden, one of those charged with illegal drug charges in the SBC gang, was sentenced to 21 years in prison. He joins numerous other Pittsburgh-based members of various gangs who have landed in prison following widespread wiretap investigations – all being handled by the federal government. News outlets report that few larger-scale drug rings have dominated the legal cases being brought to federal courts in place of smaller drug cases, which were more commonplace in recent history.

The former head of the Pittsburgh FBI, Bob Jones, stated that the agency is aware of numerous other gangs operating in the area, issuing a warning that “the violence won’t be tolerated.” Other officials involved in the case added by making big promises, ensuring the public that offenders of these crimes would be given long sentences and taken off the streets.

A Law Firm To Defend You

Gang matters are serious and have been a critical problem plaguing Pittsburgh residents for decades. While this is certainly factual, the persecution of criminals has occasionally led to the misidentification of offenders who are not involved in crime. This calls for a growing need for legal professionals to handle serious cases concerning gang violence in the eastern Pennsylvania region.

Contacting a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney should be one of your very first steps after you or a loved one falls victim to accusations of criminal activity. Our lawyers at SMT Legal are dedicated to the success of our clients and want to do everything in our power to defend your rights. If you or a loved one has been accused of gang-related crimes, please contact us at your earliest convenience for experienced, passionate legal representatives ready to take on your case.

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